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20 July 2011

how do you spell frustration?


Edit 20 July 2011 14:02:

My real blog is back. No explanation, naturally. As I was pathetically wandering around making sure that it wasn't my internet connection (which has also been giving us grief), it came back online. Yay. I hope I didn't jinx anything by reporting that it's back. :-/

20 July 2011 13:48EDT:

It's disgustingly hot in Toronto - about 30C and very humid. The weather people have been droning on and on about what the humidex temperature is. I DON'T want to know. All I know is that almost everyone who has an air conditioner has it going full blast.

I don't KNOW that this revolting heat is why my real blog on is offline yet AGAIN. And I have no idea exactly how long it has been offline, nor when it will return.

I just know that it's 31.8C in this room as I type and I'm melting... I'm melting....

As always, the way to know whether etherwork is back online is to refresh this page. If you see a leafy image at the top of the page, then you can access the real blog.