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25 May 2007

blank page syndrome at AGAIN

25 May 2007 18:02:
I spoke too soon
Drat. It seems that the service interruptions may still occur on until the new/additional equipment that is on order has been installed.

25 May 2007 16:15
Recent Problems Resolved
The broken server was fixed not long after I posted on Wednesday. And the webhost has said they are in the process of upgrading so that this sort of service interruption will not happen again soon.
23 May 2007 17:47 EDT:
And it's gone again. Rats.... Tech support is working on it again.
23 May 2007 10:50 EDT:
And it's back!! blog from OUR kitchen
23 May 2007 10:46 EDT:
The blank page syndrome was indeed fixed almost immediately. Now, a week later, there is a server problem causing the etherwork site to be completely unavailable until service is restored. Tech support is working on it....

This latest etherwork service interruption is no doubt a feature of the upcoming long weekend in the USA. Ah, aren't long weekends fun? (One would think that kiddies would want to play outside right now instead of sitting, giggling inanely at their computers wreaking havoc!)
17 May 2007:
Sigh. The blank page syndrome has reared its ugly head again on my real blog. I'm assuming it's a feature of the upcoming Victoria Day long weekend. No doubt it will be fixed soon.