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02 August 2010

connection problems at

2nd edit at 11:39AM: It's fixed!!! And it turns out that the following tale of woe had nothing to do with my webhost OR my ISP. It's firefox! Clearing the firefox cache didn't do the trick. So I closed firefox and then was unable to open it again. I rebooted the computer and suddenly, "hey presto!" everything was back to normal. Sigh. WHAT have they done to firefox to make it so buggy?

It's a long weekend here in Ontario (and several other provinces as well) and, naturally, my internet connection is suddenly iffy. I can access one of my subdomain's wordpresses, but none of the rest of my site, which includes my main wordpress.... I COULD access everything until around noon yesterday.

I cannot access my real blog, the recipe site or my real home page. The ONLY things I can access are two subdomains - not anything from the main site, nor any folders attached to it.

unavailable domain:
unavailable folder:
unavailable folder: <<=blog from OUR kitchen

I don't know if it's my webhost or our ISP that is causing the weirdness. I filled out a trouble ticket and of course haven't heard anything back. I'll just assume that things will be fixed by Tuesday when people go back to work.


Long weekends... you gotta love them.

edit: In order to tell whether the situation has been resolved, the images on the sidebar will actually finish loading.