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25 January 2010

Do you have ads on your blog?

Do you have ads on your blog? I don't; otherwise, I’d definitely join in this terrific idea put together by Marc (Blog Away Hunger), who wrote the following:

Blog Away Hunger

One in seven people on Earth go to bed hungry every night. Blog Away Hunger is a coalition of bloggers from around the world dedicated to spreading the word about this solvable problem while raising money for the World Food Program.


[A] group of bloggers have come together and will be donating their January ad revenue to aid the Haiti relief efforts. Since ads are paid by the number of pages viewed, you can help by going back through their old posts to increase the amount of ad money donated.

For more information, including a list of bloggers who are donating their ad revenues to the UN's WFP work in Haiti, please see the following:

Or, you can go directly to the WFP and donate:

WFP Help Haiti