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21 November 2008

etherwork.net undergoing service maintenance

My real blog, blog from OUR kitchen is offline right now. My webhost is doing major maintenance on the servers. Apparently they sent email to alert everyone but the email must have gotten lost. (I always suspected that some of my email was not getting to me....)

If you can see images of leaves on this page, it means that etherwork.net is back online. This should happen sometime later rather than earlier on Friday 21 November 2008.

edit 22 November 2008: Alas, it's after midnight on Friday night and the entire server is still not back - just a very small portion of it that does not include the recipes section or the blog. (sigh)

not panicking yet. Going back to hide under the covers til morning. Maybe when I wake up, the sun will be out, the snow and cold will be gone - it's currently -10C (14F) - this is much colder than it usually is here in November.

If things go on like this much longer, I'm thinking of changing my motto to "The sky is falling! the sky is falling!"